Ironside Athletics offers a variety of exercise classes in Fort Collins, for adults of all fitness levels. Check them out below!

Kickboxing Anarchy

Kickboxing is an incredible way to boost your strength, burn some calories, and even improve balance and agility. This is a great cardiovascular workout that will be sure to leave you sweating and feeling strong.

Kickboxing Anarchy is a high-energy cardio class, perfect for adults of any fitness background (yes, beginner’s - that means you too!). Learn kickboxing techniques on heavy bags, and expect to do short bouts of intense, repetitive movements with some resistance training.

Studies show that even a minute long of high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) can provide the same benefits as a less-intense 45-minute exercise. Our HIIT training combined with kickboxing is a sure way to change up your typical workout routine.

Have fun while working out and watch your confidence soar. Start punching, jabbing, and kicking your way to our class today!

Learn more about Kickboxing Anarchy here.


This adult class is the ultimate in functional training. Functional training is important to ensure you have enough strength, agility, and mobility for basic movements. This includes everyday activities like pushing, pulling, walking, etc.

We incorporate new-school training methods like HIIT and suspension training to promote better physical preparedness for whatever life may throw at you. Meanwhile, old-school training methods like kettlebells and plyometrics are also used for whole body movements.

If you’re looking for an intense, quick workout that will be sure to leave you feeling strong (and sore) - this class is for you!

Learn more about Iron-X HIIT here.


During a time when less than 5% of adults engage in 30 minutes of physical activity every day, total body strength and conditioning becomes even more important. Watch as your overall fitness improves through high-energy and high-impact sessions. Sure, you’ll experience muscle fatigue (we all do!l) but you’ll see an incredible boost in work capacity, body composition, and athletic development.

Regardless of your fitness level, this adult class is perfect for the advanced athlete or novice beginner. If you’re simply looking to work out with a smaller group, this semi-private training class may be just for you!

Learn more about CHAOS here.

*This semi-private class has additional charges.

Not ready for a full week? Saturday classes are free!