Call it HIIT, functional fitness, physical preparation, group training, or even metabolic conditioning. Whatever the term, you pick the jargon - we pick the workout. Chaos is the adult fitness class with a perfect blend to give rise to your inner athlete.

Here’s the 411 on what’s included


Our warm up is thorough and dynamic - often drawing from movement “resets” from OS (Original Strength) and adding in various mobility/stability/motor control drills from FMS (functional movement systems). Our warm up follows Charlie Weingroff’s four fold philosophy:

  1. Prime the mobility you already have

  2. Increase tissue temperature

  3. Rehearse the intended movements of your training session

  4. Prep the nervous system


We then transition into a “power” segment to give rise to your inner athlete and wake up your fast twitch fibers. We like to utilize medicine balls, sandbags, battle ropes, kettlebells (hard-style), and plyometrics.


From power, we push into our main lifts for the day. Our philosophy is simple in that we don’t necessarily train muscles, we train movements. We prioritize our movement patterns around compound, “functional” patterns: push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carries, lunge, and twist.

Subsequently, this adult fitness class begins the auxiliary lifts. Auxillary (literally meaning, “providing supplementary or additional help and support”) is the segment in which our exercises are carefully selected to help with the development of our main lifts in our program.

Final Work Capacity

We then conclude with work capacity. We define work capacity as simply the ability to DO WORK. This is where the fun begins! We combine AMRAP’s, EMOM’s, TABATA, complexes, and finishers in various lengths to challenge multiple energy systems. This section boosts caloric expenditure and amplifies EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) leaving you with an incredible workout. 

Is this the right workout for you?

Our various equipment makes every lift compatible to everyone*. If there’s an issue, we will find an alternative. We are not married to one mode of training. We will use what works for you. Our coach ensures safety and quality.

* We strongly encourage every member in Chaos, prior to joining, to sign up for a movement screen to assess imbalances and specific “movement correctives” for that particular person.

More importantly than anything, we want all our members to:


Let the CHAOS begin.