Iron X HIIT Classes

Everything in fitness can be controversial, however research supports many benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training); Increased lean body mass, maintaining strength while improving endurance, and increased metabolism even after the workout is over. Simply put, more muscle, less fat, in less time.

Today, many people throughout Fort Collins are maximizing their fitness potential with this adult HIIT class. Each workout consists of a dynamic warmup, coupled with functional strength and stabilization training.

Some movements include sports-conditioning drills, plyometrics, kettlebell drills, and flipping the infamous Flipper (Not sure what that is? You’ll find out soon enough!). Build endurance while burning some major calories in this group workout.

Discover how our comprehensive training program helps adults, just like you, reach their individual fitness goals.

The Ironside Way

Each adult fitness class is unique, but most will be comprised of these four elements:


Focus on improving flexibility and mobility through soft tissue work, as well as static and dynamic movements to prime your body for the workout.


We still incorporate a strength aspect in the beginning of the workout using compound exercises to develop a strong foundation and increased resiliency. Accessory exercises compliment the primary strength focus as well as improve imbalances developed through modern life (rounded shoulders, forward head posture, tight hip flexors, and inactive glutes).

We utilize barbells, dumbbells, kettle bells, and the Flipper (which is awesome because of its ability to be used as a sled, wheelbarrow, and, of course a flipper).


We train all aspects of the core for well rounded health, not solely with the purpose of getting a six pack (that is just a bonus). We target rotation, anti-rotation, extention, and glutes. A lot of nagging lower back and hip pain can be attributed to imbalances and weaknesses in the core.


This is the icing on the cake that lets your body continue burning fat after the workout is over as you go about your life. There are many ways to implement interval training, and with our space and equipment selection, we utilize a huge variety of workouts that ensure you will not get bored or burnt out.

Is this Workout for you?

We know any new pursuit in fitness can be intimidating. This HIIT class caters to a wide variety of individual ability and experience. Even if you are just starting out, our coaches will not let anyone perform any poor movements or risk injury.

We provide any modifications and variations necessary to get the absolute most out of your workout without getting hurt. Everyone has to start somewhere, and we make sure to start every member at the appropriate level and progress from there.


This 60-minute class is an excellent option for adults who want the best overall HIIT exercise program in Fort Collins.

It is hard to know if something will be a good fit for you before having to commit.

We don’t want you to feel pressured, so come enjoy a week of workouts for FREE before making your decision.

Not ready for a full week? Saturday classes are free! Contact us to learn more.

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