Kickboxing Plus- Combination training using kickboxing techniques on heavy bags and resistance training.

Anarchy- (High Intensity Interval Training- Kickboxing)- This heavy bag class combines kicking, punching and calisthenics with no rest. A real fat burner!

Iron-X HIIT Boot Camp- The Ultimate in Functional Training. Old school fitness meets New school training methods utilizing HIIT training. We incorporate  bodyweight training, kettle-bells, partner exercises, agility and plyometrics. This class also has a strength training segment to enhance your level of fitness.

Chaos- Total body strength and conditioning designed to increase fitness, body composition, work capacity, and well-being.  If your goals are fat loss, muscle gain, or athletic development, look no further, Chaos is your class!

Adult Performance- A modified version of our Youth/College Athletic Performance class. We incorporate a dynamic warm-up, SAQ and Functional Strength/Stabilization Training. 


*Kickboxing based classes are designed by Ken Pytluk who has over 35 years of martial arts training and 25 years of strength & conditioning experience! All of our coaches are trainers and martial artists! Come experience the difference!