Fort Collins Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing is a fast-paced cardio group session that uses martial art techniques with high intensity circuit training. Through our kickboxing program you will learn how to properly throw a jab, cross, hook, uppercut, round kick and switch kick to include other techniques.

This adult fitness class is the perfect way to improve cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility and body composition. Unlike other Fort Collins kickboxing classes, Ironside Athletics is designed for the purpose of achieving a full body workout while maintaining and improving technical striking skills to improve injury prevention.

Classes will vary from day to day, however, you can expect to use free weights, kettle bells, resistance bands, 150 lbs. punching bags, and other various workout equipment - all of which are provided.

Individuals will need to bring gloves (16 oz gloves are recommended, meanwhile hand wraps are optional), and most importantly, a great workout attitude.

New to Kickboxing? Or a seasoned pro?
Our program is designed for individuals of all ages, skill levels, and physical ability.

Kickboxing Benefits

Adults who participate in our kickboxing program will develop:

  • Self-confidence by improving physical physique

  • A skill set that has a practical application for self-defense

  • Basic skills in kickboxing such as punching and kicking combinations

  • Experience with pad work and partner drills

What you can expect

Through our 60-minute program, individuals can expect to burn a large amount of calories during our class. This will help boost your metabolism so you can continue to burn calories throughout the day.

In addition, you will release toxins, relieve stress, strengthen your heart, increase endorphins, improve bone density, and increase energy levels - just to name a few. As a result, you will sculpt a new you that can sleep soundly at night.


Each class will be unique, but most will be comprised of these three elements:


During the first 15-20 minutes participants will go through a full body warm-up focusing on static and dynamic movements to improve flexibility, mobility, and durability.


Fallowing the warm-up, participants will go through 20-30 minutes of a timed exercise circuit that will incorporate various exercises that are low impact with light light/moderate weight. In addition, circuits will have striking drills incorporated into them (see below for an example exercise circuit).


Fallowing our adult fitness circuit, there will be 10-15 minutes of work on core strengthening (which may also be incorporated into the cardio circuit) and improve striking technique with various drills.

Sample Exercise Circuit


Ready to try kickboxing?